Hey you, I’m going to get all in your social media today.  I bet you didn’t know there was a right and wrong way to enter the world of social.  It might seem as easy as sign up and start, but that’s what the amateurs do.

We’re not amateurs.  We’re professionals.

As a business owner and a brand, you have to approach things in a completely different way and I’m going to walk you through some simple steps that will have you looking savvy online.

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What is your online tone?

We’re so used to being relaxed and using social media a certain way with our friends and family but when you start using it as a business or blogger you should consider a few things.

you’re a business

You need to adopt a professional tone and I recommend posting things that are only/mostly related to your business.  A professional tone doesn’t mean you’re using words like thou and sayeth, it means you’re not being disrespectful, you’re not posting inappropriate messages and you’re aware of the company image.

You can still have fun if fun is the tone.  Wendy’s has that down to a science.  So do companies like Nike, Boohoo and Taco Bell (they recently told me to stop by once I was finished with my diet lol!).  They deliver messages that are peppered with memes, fun conversations and slang.

Most small businesses will have a light-hearted tone but you still have to have a pinch of professionalism.

you’re a blogger

We’re living in a time where companies, brands, and followers want to hear your voice.   If you like to slide a few curse words in, go for it.  If you’re a sophisticated lady, continue crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s.

Do we have to have a pinch of professionalism too?  Yeah,but  I think the mistake bloggers and influencers make is some think using their own voice is a pass to do whatever they want.  Be you but remember you are a brand.


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keep it separate

I encourage people to keep an account for business and keep one for their personal lives.    Here’s why you should consider keeping it separate:

your personal life is irrelevant

Nothing screams, I’m super nooob status like an Instagram account for your makeup services littered with random photos of stuff that doesn’t matter.  Some will argue that their personal life is a part of their brand.  That may be, but I still believe, depending on your niche or business, sometimes inserting those personal moments into your social media might not be a good fit.

But if your personal life is a part of your brand then keep it on brand.  Take pride and edit the images, make it a part of your social story.  Make it fit your narrative.

it lets you detox

Because we’re always on brand, sometimes it’s nice to have an account where you don’t have to be a public figure.  Even if you only have 100 followers, you are showcasing a professional side to yourself.  Sometimes it’s cool to just have an account where you throw countless cat memes up and not care about it fitting into your social media plan.

your friends + family can connect

If you’ve always used social media as a means of connecting with fam in the past, having a private account allows you to talk to Aunty Ruth about the B-day party, laugh at Jimmy’s really jokes, etc in peace.  Some loved ones don’t want to wade through your professional stuff to have a chat.

make your mark

One of the foundations of having an online presence now that you’re the brand is making your mark.  You can do that by:

Having consistent names:  I hate when businesses and bloggers use a different name for every social media platform.  It’s weird, it actually hurts your chances of connecting with your audience and it’s frustrating.

Check if your desired domain name, biz name or blog name is available online before you commit.  I use this tool to help me track what names are available.  There’s always a chance you will have to have a slight variation of your name on a social media platform, but try to use the same variation if possible.

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Branding:  You can incorporate your brand colors, use specific fonts, stamp your logo on your visuals; it’s so easy to have your branding visible across social media.   Keep it consistent too; if your brand colors are purple why is it purple on your website, orange on Instagram and green on Twitter?  Coca-cola wouldn’t do that so why should you?

I think we can agree, the theme I’m pointing out is consistency; being repetitive is a part of imprinting yourself in the mind of your followers.  Aka…making your mark.

create a plan

When we use social media for personal reasons we hardly ever plan out what we will share.  Most of it is just on a whim.

Social media for business is drastically different.  Depending on the tone of your company you can still post things on the fly but most businesses choose to follow a schedule.

For bloggers, I recommend a mix of the two.  I have tweets that go out at scheduled points throughout the day but you’ll also find me organically tweeting too.

(Hey, don’t forget to tag a few Twitter retweet accounts in your next posts.  I share how using a few retweet accounts gets your posts in front of a larger audience.  It’s a much better strategy than follow and unfollow.  Have a read!)

Thinking ahead gives you free time in the future.  If you’ve planned your social, created your content and scheduled the posts in advance, you’re free to sit back and relax.    When you have a social media plan you’re more likely to think of creative ways to grow on social media.   Always posting on the day of means you miss chances to collaborate or promote your business.

You don’t have to lose yourself when starting social media for your blog or your small biz; it’s about adapting to a new world.  Take your time and think things through.  It’s not about “linking up” with friends anymore.  This is now a tool that can promote your growth.