It’s spring, and that means it’s time to spring clean!   Though many people relate spring cleaning to their closest, Marie Kondo, and Mrs. Hinch, you can give your blog or business a new look and feel.

If cleaning is not your thing or you’re unsure of where to start on your spring cleaning mission this blog post is perfect for you.  Today we’re going through 10 ways you can spring clean your blog or business.

Spring Clean your Blog or Business! It's easy for bloggers and entrepreneurs to give their workspace and work life a makeove with these 10 tips. Spring cleaning isn't only for your closests - it's time to clean up your act! #spring #springcleaning #mariekondo #blog #smallbiz

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Spring Break Cleaning:  1 – Update your business plan

Every business should have a business plan.  There are a lot of new wave social media gurus saying you don’t need a biz plan – they are WRONG.  I outline why not having a business plan or blog plan is a huge mistake, but just to drive it home: this document helps you structure your ideas and create goals for your future.

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your business plan.  This isn’t a one time and done document – this is something you should constantly revise and revamp.

Bloggers can benefit from a blog plan as well.

It’s all about giving yourself clarity and direction for your next steps.


Spring Break Cleaning:  2 – Clean your social profiles

When your social profiles don’t reflect the amazing work you do, you have a problem.  This is something that’s easy to overlook because we’re not always thinking about our profiles despite us constantly being on social media.

Your profile is your first impression.

There are many instances where I will not follow someone when their profile is empty, or it lacks vital information.

A good profile will give me a taste of what you offer.  If you’re a blogger, share that; tell me what type of business you operate.  Link your website, tag your other (relevant) accounts, have a profile picture.

Whatever options are available in your social media platforms, fill them in.


Spring Break Cleaning:  3 – Follow up with past clients or customers

It never hurts to follow up, especially if you’re offering a specialized service or experience.  Anything you can do to nourish the relationship with your clients or customers will be beneficial to your journey.

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Reach out via email, phone, send a poll – there are so many ways to check in.

This lets your supporters know you care and you can always elevate this into getting feedback for your business or testimonials for your services.


Spring Break Cleaning:  4 – Get your basics together

It’s so easy to put things to the side and say you’ll do it later.  Later could turn into weeks or months.

Now is the time to get a logo, a website or order your business cards.  For an entrepreneur, these things are essential. (Hey, did you know I can help you create these basics?  Send me an email and let’s work on it!).

For bloggers, in addition to getting your logo, I would recommend switching to a self-hosted blog.

I explain why a self-hosted blog is critical, and if you’re ready to level up, you can learn how to start a pro blog in this easy to follow guide.


Spring Break Cleaning:  5 – Clean your inbox

Ugh…emails!  My emails are always messy so I make it a monthly habit to clean out all my inboxes.  Here are a few ways I whip my inbox into shape:

  • Create folders (and put things in them!)
  • Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails – all those newsletters I signed up for just to enter a competition?  Bye. (But you should stay subscribed to the Coco Creativ Newsletter – it’s created with love just for you).
  • Update your signature – your email signature is a great place to advertise what you are doing.  In addition to having your basics like your social media accounts, your blog, and phone number, it’s an opportunity to share your latest project.  If you have a new blog series, email course or event – put it in your signature!


Spring Break Cleaning:  6 – Get a Coach

Learning doesn’t stop at high school or university; if you’re struggling in a certain area, that’s where having a coach can come in handy.

Coaches help guide you and direct you through your journey.  If you’re facing difficulty with starting your business or growing your blog, yep there’s a coach for that.

Ahem – plug time… did you know I offer coaching services?  No? Well, I do and it’s one of my faaaaav services that I provide!  I love teaching, helping and guiding people to their next level so if you’re curious about some one-on-one help, check out my coaching packages!

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Spring Break Cleaning:  7 – Review your recent work and progress

Every Wednesday I set aside an hour or two to revise my to-do list, make sure I’m on track and review my progress.

Now imagine doing this once every quarter as a means of revising all your goals.  Reviewing what you’ve been up to helps you keep track of what you’ve accomplished, where you need to refocus your energy and allows you to brainstorm new strategies.


Spring Break Cleaning:  8 – Plan the future of your blog or biz

Speaking of new strategies…whether you’re revising your past work or not, it always helps to think of new ideas for your blog or business.

If you’re not trying new things that means you’re stuck in the same spot and you’re not growing.  A good hustler always has their eyes set on new sights.


Spring Break Cleaning:  9 – Take a break

Creatives are often guilty of getting wrapped up in their work or unhealthy practices and too often we don’t allow ourselves to take a break.  So, take a break!

This blog post shares 7 ways creatives can practice self-care because sometimes we need to put ourselves first.

It shares some great ideas to help you put the focus on yourself.

Spring Break Cleaning:  10 – Set a professional budget

Money is the key to driving your efforts.  If you don’t have a budget, make one. Now. Today. Right now. Let’s go!

Chances are you’ve been pulling money out of imaginary nooks and crannies to pay for your business cards, your website hosting, etc.  That’s a huge no.

Creating a budget helps track your spending, especially if you’re using personal funds to cover your hustle.

Another important reason to budget, sometimes we’re making a profit but because we’re not tracking it we’re unaware.  This happened to me the first time I became self-employed. Due to me not having a budget (and believe me, I knew better) I thought I was failing at my business when I was making money!

There you have it, seven ways to spring clean your blog or business!  Which one of these tasks are you starting first? I’m thinking number 1, and number 7 are first on my list!  Let me know how you’ll be spring cleaning in the comments below.