Self-care isn’t only about drinking lattes and filters on Instagram.  It’s important to look after yourself because acts of self-care are acts of self-love, and creatives often neglect themselves when it comes to the love department.  There are so many times where we’re on the go, trying to find our next opporutnity and putting everything first – except for ourselves.  Giving yourself tiny moments of self-love helps you grow and achieve more, so keep reading to learn seven ways you can practice self-care as a creative.

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Self-Care for creatives - why is self-care so important for creative persons? I share why you should practice self-caare as a content creator and how you can do it easily and afforadbly. Learn to love yourself by putting your mental health and general health first as a creative. #selfcare #selflove #mentalhealth #love #valentines #wellness #positivity #personalgrowth

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If you’ve been neglecting yourself recently or feeling a bit run down, I want you to promise to try a few (or all!) of these tips.  Usually, I chat about branding tips or helping you create beautiful pins for Pinterest, but those tips are useless if you’re not at your best.  Are you ready to learn how to love yourself the most? Let’s go!

Self-Care for creatives: create routines

Do not scoff at the power of a good routine.  If you lack structure, a routine can be an easy way to bring stability into your life.  Creating my nighttime routine was one of the best moves I made recently. Starting at 9 pm I do the same things every night to help my body “slow down.”

It’s also a way to cater to you; how many of us don’t have the time to pamper ourselves?  Carving out time in your morning/night routine allows you to give some energy to you.

Not only can you groom yourself for bed or the new day, but you can take time out to read a book, journal, watch an episode of your fav show, meditate – there are so many things you can sneak into your routine.

The key to a successful routine?  Start small and start at a reasonable time.  Don’t try to cram too many things into your routine right away.

Self-Care for creatives: Take breaks

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and look enviously at people who are having an adventure, traveling, living their best life?  Here’s a tip, stop being jealous and live your best life too.

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Taking breaks is critical for creatives.  We push ourselves and get caught up with cranking out content, writing blog posts, selling our products – it’s easy to forget to enjoy life.

  • Treat yourself and go somewhere for the weekend (it could spark your creativity)
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Have a lazy Sunday and chill at home
  • Reduce your workload in the evenings

A break doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, as long as you enjoy it and it gives you time to breathe.


Self-Care for creatives: Journal

One of my fav ways to wind down is through journaling.  I have about six journals that I jot my thoughts in, and each one means so much to me.

Through your journals you can express yourself fully and freely; it’s a safe space for you to document your highs and lows.  When you need to remind yourself of the good times, flip a few pages.  If you need to focus on your growth during a rough patch, your words are there to encourage you.

Here are a few cool journals and journal accessories to help you join the journal crew!


Self-Care for creatives: Eat Healthily

There is an unwritten rule that creatives must snack, and snack unhealthily while making content.

I love snacking, and I love unhealthy food, but junk food makes me feel incredibly tired and lazy.  Recently, I’ve been making an effort to eat more veggies and drink more water.

Those pizzas and sodas are not helping you; boost your energy by eating better.


Self-Care for creatives: Organize your now

If the thought of organizing your life seems scary try organizing your now, identify three things you can do in the next hour that will have you feeling calm and more structured.  This is a great trick for persons who struggle with anxiety at the thought of getting their life together.

If you’re looking to get more productive and take control of your life, I share major organization tips in my free 5-day email course (yes, sign up cause it’s free!).

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Self-Care for creatives: Raise your rates

You’re probably underpricing yourself and while you might be okay with it now, I bet you in a few years you won’t be.

We underprice ourselves to get work, to gain exposure or sometimes it’s because we don’t know better.  It’s a risk, and a scary one at that, but being able to pay your rent or buy food is something you need to do.

Raising your rates is a great act of self-love.  Also, when you start attracting clients who recognize your worth, you don’t have to worry about making money because those clients are ready to pay.


Self-Care for creatives: See a professional

Going to therapy was one of the best moves I made.  It’s like journaling but more intense (in a good way) and more productive.

In therapy, you can talk about issues concerning your business or blog, but you can also work through personal issues that might affect your work, or might affect your person (which in turn affects your work).

Therapy used to be something shameful or something only rich people could afford.  Now, it’s more accessible, and I think everyone should seek out resources to help them change their situation.

If you’re working on a project that feels overwhelming, or you feel lost and unsure of your steps, this is a smart way to focus your energy.


Well, there you have it — 7 ways you can love yourself the most as a creative.  Oh, just because I care about you, here’s a bonus tip.

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