Summer vacation, summer parties, lots of warm days, and endless opportunities to relax; summer is the season to kick back and live your best life.  The chill attitude the middle of the year brings means it’s easy to neglect your blog or business. While it’s essential to rest, relax and enjoy your life, it’s also important to keep your eyes on the prize.

I choose to view summer as one of the best seasons of the year to whip things into shape.  As we’re halfway through the year, it is ideal for refocusing and concentrating on slaying the rest of the year.

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If you’re struggling with how to get it all together, then you should keep reading!  This blog post was created, especially to help everyone target key areas to grow this summer.  Don’t worry; I’ve also included a few ways to rejuvenate your spirit. I’m learning how important it is to take breaks as a business woman.

Before we jump into this post…

Don’t miss out on past posts about organization, self-care and focusing on your hustle.  There might be a new idea in there that could help you!

Summer Content Ideas

If you’re struggling with ideas for your content this season, I’ve got you covered.  Use these as a blog post or to create YouTube or Instagram content.

    • Create a summer reading list and share this with your audience.  There are always new books coming out in time for summer, but it never hurts to drop a few classics.  Last year I reviewed the summer hit Slay In Your Lane.  Get your read on!
    • Be healthy and happy.  Everyone strives for a “summer body,” but why not encourage your audience to be their healthiest and happiest.  Share content that surrounds getting fit physically, mentally, and emotionally.
    • Try a new recipe!  Keeping on theme, I’ll be sharing a few healthy recipes on my lifestyle blog soon.  I’ve started doing smoothies in the morning, and it’s made a big difference in a short space of time.  Everyone loves a recipe.
    • Try something fun and free this summer!  If you’re on a budget you might feel like you can’t have fun but that’s not true.  Check these free and affordable ideas for a fun summer via my lifestyle blog!
    • Summer side hustle tips can help your audience out.  Summer is a big-spending season so anything we can do to accumulate those coins – let me know!  If you’re a blogger and want to start making money, I share How to Prep Your Blog for Monetization and How Bloggers Make Money With ShareASale Affiliate Program.
    • Beauty and Style never go out of style!  Share your vacation looks, summer party outfits, makeup tutorials, or skincare routines.  I’m about to start a new regimen that a blogger friend created and I’m so excited!!


You can’t go wrong with any of these ideas, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Use these prompts as the starting point to create juicy content for your audience all summer long!


Start a blog!

Every other week someone tries to act as if blogging is dead – do not let them fool you.  Blogging is very much active, alive, and relevant.

I have bloggers and wannabe bloggers asking me to help migrate their blogs or upgrade their blogs regularly, and I see no signs of it slowing down.

If you want to be an influencer, a person with a platform, a creative, etc., a blog (or website) is an essential tool because you own that content.

If Instagram were to shut down right now, I would be okay because most of my content is hosted on my site.  I also get to set the rules about the work I share here, and I own that work 100%. All of these platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Insta, e.g.) could change the way they run their business, and we’d have no say but on my site and with my blog, I call the shots.

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Don’t have a blog?  Start one now. Right now!

  2. Purchase your domain & hosting (I recommend Siteground or Bluehost)
  3. Start blogging!
  4. If you’re not tech savvy and want someone to do all the nerdy stuff for you, let’s chat!  I’d love to help you start your blogging journey.


Network, network, network!

I think networking is one of the secret ways to grow your blog or business, and I can’t get enough of it.  Trust me, when you start networking with a goal in mind, you’ll become addicted.

On my lifestyle blog I shared ways to specifically network as a blogger (give it a read, it’s really good!) but I also shared some of my networking tips on this blog for those of you who are shy about the process.

When you’re networking, remember, keep it professional.  It’s tempting to let loose during summer, but it’s better to leave a positive mark rather than get drunk from too many free drinks.

Networking ideas for bloggers, creatives, and business owners this summer:

  • Attend a networking event, workshop or conference.  (Don’t forget, my branding workshop is July 6th!)
  • Meet up with a blogger buddy or business friend for a coffee
  • Follow up with someone you met at a recent networking event
  • Get an accountability partner and help each other reach your goals
  • Create your own networking event!  Even just a blogger meetup at a coffee shop will do


Invest in your blog or business this summer

I love doing things for free or cheap.  I have an entire page devoted to affordable tools and resources for creatives.  Take a look and try some stuff out today!

However, as much as I love the power of affordability, I also recognize it’s necessary to invest in your hustle.  Investing instantly makes one think about spending money but summer is one of the best times of the year to get deals for your business.

Stay alert during this season because missing out on a discount could mean waiting until Black Friday.

There are other ways you invest in your projects besides spending money.  Let’s look at a few!

  • Update your blog or website and bring new energy to your brand!  This is a great time to get a new blog theme or give your website a new look.  If you need a little help transforming your site, send me an email. I’ll have your blog looking glam in no time!
  • Redo your homepage.  If you can’t afford an entire new website, why not update your homepage.  This hack is pretty nifty if you’re looking to save some coins or you recently added a few new elements to your blog or business.
  • Update your old blog posts.  I am slowly doing this on my lifestyle blog, and it’s going to pay off big time.  Not only can you breathe new life into the actual content, but you can ensure your posts are optimized for SEO.
  • Redo your logo (or create one).  I know so many businesses skip getting a logo made because it costs and it’s not that important compared to some of the other things on your list.  Now’s the time to get a proper logo created.
  • Have a summer photoshoot.  I think every blogger should invest in a few professional photos of themselves.  Create an entire summer set!


Be Wary of Summer Burn Out

Think back to when you were a teenager and summer turned into a blob of endless days, constant hot nights, and moments of utter boredom.  Even as adults we can face that feeling.

Here are a few ways to avoid burning out during the best time of the year (winter sucks):

  • Take it slow and remember you’re human.  The partying, festivals, backyard bbq’s are awesome, but they can take a toll on you.  Pace yourself!
  • Drink water.  I know I sound like a mom right now but please, stay hydrated.  Not only should you drink your water but try to incorporate healthy meals into your life as well.  I always eat badly during summer and end up regretting it.
  • Take time for yourself.  If you’re a workaholic, you might scoff at the idea of all this partying I’ve mentioned, but it’s important to take a break and enjoy life.  Do a staycation, take a day off and sleep, relax for a bit. It’s summer.
  • Practice self-care at every turn.  I shared ways we can pamper ourselves as creatives, and it goes waaaay beyond lighting candles and drinking iced-mochas for the gram.  Do give the post a read and shower yourself with love this summer (and beyond!).
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Get Organized

I don’t know about you, but I feel at my absolute worst when things around me start falling apart.  While I am by no means the most organized woman in the world, having some semblance of organization in my life helps me feel motivated and in control.

Organization is key to growth and it’s crucial to success.  Take advantage of the relaxed energy of summer and use this time to get things on track.  You’d be surprised at what your focus this summer can produce later.

  • Clean (or start) your bookkeeping system.   This is a huge task but it’s one that you shouldn’t ignore, especially if you’re starting to make money from your business or blog.
  • Clean your files/computer files and deep clean your phone.
  • Declutter your home office or create a home office if you don’t have one.
  • Try a productivity system this summer and take your actions to a whole new level.
  • Clean.  Your. Emails.  (I wrote this one for me!)
  • Start planning for your next day at the end of your current day (gamechanger)


Plan for the future

This is the ideal time to get your plans in motion for the future.  I’m specifically thinking ahead to the holiday season/new year and creating goals for 2020 and beyond.

Don’t wait until the end of September to create an idea for the holiday season.  A lot of bloggers start working on their Christmas content now.  The earlier you start the more creative you can be, and the better the result.

  • Start researching your ideas.  Do you want to release an e-book, a mindfulness guide for the new year or do you want to create a membership site for your business?  Awesome, start researching!
  • Create a timeline and deadline.  If you’re used to creating your projects without structure, try a different approach.  Give yourself a deadline then work your way back. Backward planning could be a new system that helps you achieve your goals.
  • Envision your best life a year from now.  Sometimes it’s not about releasing products or making a ton of money; sometimes it’s about growing beyond the point we’re at now.  Write your best life down and take steps to make it happen.


Summer is going to be amazing. I can feel it in my bones.  Hopefully, this post will help you have an incredible journey; it will help you flourish and leave you feeling excited.

I think I might have created the blueprint to the creative’s version of a #hotgirlsummer!  What do you think and which one of these ideas are you implementing during the best season of the year?  Share your thoughts below.

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