It is every blogger’s right to make money from blogging if they want to and if they can.  When it comes to making money online there are different ways you can do it.  Today we’re going take a closer look at the affiliate network ShareASale and the ways bloggers make can make money online using this blogger friendly affiliate network.

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Make money online with ShareASale Affiliate Network. This is how bloggers boost their income with affililate marketing, easy ways to make money online.

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Let’s learn about ShareASale through this very easy to follow overview.  First up…

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when someone gets a commision for recommending a service, product or company.  When it comes to ShareASale there is two type of people who use this network:  the affiliate partners and merchant.


The quick rundown of affiliate marketing – how it works

ShareASale acts as a network where merchants (companies) sign up to have their products promoted by affiliate partners (individuals, freelancers, bloggers, etc).

The beauty of ShareASale is since it’s a network it houses thousands of companies that you can connect with in one place.  Instead of spending hours, days or even weeks hunting opportunities, they’re available in one place. Time saver!

Once you’re accepted by ShareASale (it’s free, sign up now!) you can start applying to work with different merchants.  A few merchants accept you right away, but most will review your website and then give you a yay or nay.

If accepted into a merchant’s program, you can start promoting their products by linking it through places like your blog.  You will make a commission if anyone clicks on the links and makes a purchase within a certain time frame.

Sounds pretty sweet right?  Now let’s dig a bit deeper into ShareASale and all the goodness it could hold for your blog.


Joining ShareASale affiliate network

What I appreciate most about this affiliate program is it’s very newbie friendly so you can start with affiliate marketing even if you are a small blogger.  I signed up for ShareASale even before The Coco Creativ went live and I got accepted.  If I can do it, so can you.

Head to the website and sign up!!

When you visit ShareASale – at the very top you’ll see a BIG YELLOW BUTTON that says affiliate login.  Underneath that button is a link for Affiliate Sign Up – click that and start your making money online journey.  On the next screens, you’ll be asked to fill in details like your name, password, blog/site address, etc.

It’s pretty straightforward so we’ll move on.

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Which affiliate merchant should you partner with?

It might be super tempting to sign up with any and every merchant but I think it makes more sense to think this step through.  Here are a few ideas of who you work with on ShareASale:

  • Work with companies you personally use:  This is a no-brainer; if you personally use a product or service you will be able to talk about it with authority and conviction.  Your followers will trust your recommendation knowing you have experience with that product or service.
  • Choose companies that are in your niche:  My niche has zero to do with automobiles so I’m not going to sign up to anything to do with cars.  Working within your niche works in your favor.
  • Select merchants that actually pay:  If you’re only getting paid 2% commission for your sales, you’re working harder.  Some bloggers choose to only work with merchants that pay at least 7% commission.


How to get accepted by a merchant

While you have a good chance of being accepted right away by ShareASale (they are very newbie friendly so sign up new bloggers), getting accepted by a merchant is another story.  You do stand the chance of being denied by merchants. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You didn’t pitch yourself well:  whenever you want to work with a new merchant you have to join their program.  At this point, you will be prompted to say why how you will promote that merchant and why you’ll be a good fit.   Don’t avoid this step and really put your heart into your pitch.
  • Pitch tip:  you’ll have to do this for every merchant so it’s best to save a bit of text somewhere and adjust for each application.
  • Your website has no content:  if your blog only has one post it’s not going to look appealing to a merchant.   Merchants will review your website and if there isn’t anything on there, there’s no point in working with you.
  • Make sure your blog is stylin:  If your blog isn’t giving that glam vibe of a beauty or fashion blogger, the healthy vibe one would expect from a fitness fanatic or the take me away vibe you look for from a travel blogger, it’s not going to translate into “welcome to our program” from a merchant.


The top ways bloggers make money with ShareASale

Ah, now we come to the meat of this post.  How exactly do you make that money? There are a few ways you can earn commission through ShareASale…

Affiliate commissions via links and banners

Banners are visuals that can be placed throughout your blog.  Most bloggers put them in their sidebars but you can also manually put them in blog posts or at the end of a post.  Links are great to weave into a relevant post.

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You can use the links that your merchant provides or you can go to the merchant’s site and create an affiliate link to the specific page.


Some merchants pay a commission based on clients doing something like signing up for their newsletter or downloading something from their site.  This is called a lead.  The commission for leads vary but they’re a great way to make a little extra. As long as the person completes the action after clicking on your link, you will get the commission.

Bonus posts

This is another easy to way to collect a little extra coin; some merchants will pay to publish specific posts on your site.  You will get money just for publishing this post so it doesn’t matter if anyone makes a purchase or not (though this can be a way to drive sales so…)


Some merchants pay for everyone you refer to them or for any sales a blogger you’ve referred makes.  It’s kinda like how TV providers always say earn 10$/£ for everyone you recommend!  Not every merchant does this and the amount paid out varies.

Can you really make big bucks?

Yep, you sure can BUT part of the “you can get rich with affiliate links” jargon that is rampant in the blogging community (that I really don’t like) makes this sound like an easy ride.  You have to put in some work.

  • Promote your links – posting your links once in a random post is not going to cut it.  As often as possible share your links in an appropriate website, put banners in your sidebar, share links in your newsletters and on social media.  The most successful bloggers are always visible.
  • Don’t come across as scammy – Be real with your promotions, especially if you’re writing about something.  It’s how you build up trust and how people keep going back to you as a source for the lowdown on what’s poppin.  Trust means more chance of something using your links.
  • Always disclose – it’s tempting to not share you’re using affiliate links but it’s actually against the law.  A merchant can kick you off their program if they find out you’re not abiding by the rules.
  • Be patient as you hustle – some bloggers make a ton of money right away while others take a moment to find their stride.  The first time I ever made money from affiliate marketing it took some time.  The key point is don’t give up.  Keep promoting, keep thinking of creative ways to share your links, keep believing you will make that money.

Start making money as a blogger, join ShareASale NOW!

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     Make money online with ShareASale Affiliate Network.  This is how bloggers boost their income with affililate marketing, easy ways to make money online.