Hello there blogger – chances are your branding sucks.  Yep, I went straight for the kill didn’t I?  While drafting this blog post I determined I could be sweet or I could be real.   Ya girl went for real.

One of the most heart-wrenching things I notice when I visit a lot of blogs is the branding is all over the place.  There is no consistency, nothing pulls it all together; there’s a bunch of stuff just vomited on my screen in the name of “I’ll start a blog!”.

That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works.

Branding is something that takes thought and investment either through time, money or both.  So how should a blogger or small business owner approach branding?


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Think of coca cola

I use this example all the time because Coca-Cola is one of those brands that everyone knows.  The first thing that pops into your mind when you think of a coke is red.  That bright, unmistakable red instantly sears itself into your brain.

The next thing I think of, and it’s probably because I’m a designer, is the font.  It’s so unique and one of a kind. Even if you saw another word in that font, you would know it’s “the Coca-Cola font”.

Another thing I think of when I think of Coca-Cola isn’t really anything tangible but it’s the feeling I get.  I get a warm, fuzzy feeling like it’s always summer and I’m hanging with my friends. There’s a barbeque, I’m probably sneaking some rum into my drink even though it’s a totally family-friendly vibe.  Anytime I think or even look at a Coke, I get that feeling. It’s so intense I can sometimes even taste it.

all of those things are branding

A lot of blogs don’t give that vibe.  So how do you get the feeling of Coca-Cola?

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Know what you stand for

A huge part of branding is knowing what your company, business or blog stands for.  A lot of companies create manifestos which are basically a lot of words saying what they stand for and their mission.  I think writing a manifesto is a great exercise to discover who you are as a blogger and what you want your blog to stand for and represent.

The Coco Creativ exists to help bloggers (and small business owners) create a beautiful space on the internet through sharing easy to understand tips and info.  We also help by offering affordable services and products which allow our clients to level up.

That blurb right there, that’s could be considered my manifesto; it also helps me focus on what type of content I need to provide for you on this blog.  When I think about why this space exists, it guides me. I am able to make sure my content isn’t too difficult to understand (part of my manifesto) and my content is user-friendly (yep, another manifesto moment).

how is it like coca cola:  Even though my manifesto is a lot shorter than Coca Cola’s, it outlines what I want to accomplish for my blog/business.  Remember me saying I get a feeling of happiness whenever I think of Coke?  Well, check out their second point in under ‘Our Mission’.  Look how important knowing who you are and what you stand for is to the branding process – this is why Coca-Cola is winning.



Get your aesthetics baby

The word ‘aesthetic’ is one of those words that everyone has hijacked but I swear they have no clue what it means.  Since it’s so popular I decided to drop it in this post.

Many bloggers do not have an eye for design.  Get mad if you want, but not everyone is cut out to be a designer.  That is why designers exist; we are here to make things look better.  The hardest part of my job is trying to get someone to appreciate good design when they are fully ready to embrace Comic Sans.  It’s a no.  Here are a few tips to getting your aesthetics on point:


Start with colors you like or gravitate to the most.  Some genres are associated with certain color schemes more, eg kid brands traditionally use brighter color schemes.


Don’t be afraid to change the fonts on your blog/theme.  If you’re looking for a more traditional feel go for a serif font and if you want a more modern feel, opt for a sans serif font.

You can mix fonts but be careful, too much experimenting can make your branding look busy.

Carry the font through; whatever font you use in your logo, use that same font in other areas of your branding.   I wouldn’t have one font for my logo on my blog but then a different font for my logo on my business card.

create a vibe

What type of feeling do you want your visitors to walk away with when they leave your site?  Are you sleek and sophisticated, are you sharing your quirky side, are you giving them a taste of your edgy and unpredictable self.  You want to create a certain atmosphere.  How will your visitors describe your blog or site to others?


The last tip in this quick branding guide is be you.  I’ve shared this thought many times on Coco Creativ and that’s because being yourself is the foundation of this entire process.

People love coca-cola cause it’s not trying to be pepsi

Being yourself goes hand in hand with knowing what you stand for as a company, but even if you don’t have a manifesto, showing up and being your real self will always get your branding journey started.

This was a very quick, down and dirty guide to branding.  There’s a ton more we could have gone through today but these points are perfect for getting the ball rolling.

If you’re still on the hunt for direction with your branding, I offer coaching sessions that help you kick butt in a major way.  My Laser Focus session is perfect for you and your branding woes!  Check it out, let’s chat, let’s get your branding BOOMIN!