Traditionally, stock photos reek of cheesiness, are usually worthy of amatuer hour and the ones that do look decent cost the price of your soul.   Let’s face it, the typical small blogger and biz owner budget does not consist of racks for good  pics.

Thankfully, stock pics have come a long way over the past few years.  Where we once had a row of robotic office workers with Stepford wives type smiles we now have realistic, high quality images that can be used for a variety of content.

I introduced a few stock photo websites in my Free Resource Guide but since we’re here why not go through a solid list of sites that don’t suck.

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Whenever I think of awesome stock sites, this is the first one that pops into my mind.  Here you’ll find incredible photos covering a variety of topics.  You’ll be browsing through wondering are they really free?


Head here for all things food related.  Taking pics of food is hard so I give major props to all the photographers sharing their pics on here.  Whatever food image you need, Foodiesfeed is sure to have it.


I love the fact that Pexels offers pics as well as free video.  I’ve used some of their clips for projects where I just need a random city view or someone cutting something – just filler.  Both the video and pictures are pretty decent.

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Another source of great photos that are very free.  There are some really nice flatlays on here.




If you want to take it up a level this is the website to do it with.  EyeEm is a great source of quality content, and it’s a sophisticated approach to stock photos.


Finding photos of black and brown people on your typical stock photo side can leave you with a case of the cringe (although it is getting better).  This site focus primarily on POC and offers some really cool and interesting shots. A must for those creating content aimed at black and brown audiences.


This is another great site to find free images and I enjoy their selection of flatlays.  They also offer the option to download images in various sizes.

iso republic

This is another site that offers free videos as well.  I enjoy using this site because the interface is pretty sweet but this website always works a little slowly for me.

kaboom pics

You’ll probably notice a lot of images repeat over multiple sites but I usually find some really interesting ones on this website.  I love how they present their photo size options – most websites allow you to choose how big your pic will be but they way they present this selection is so sleek.

women of color in tech

If you need photos of black women working (and looking amazing while doing so) this is the place to go.  I have almost every photo in this Flickr set… You’ll probably download them all too.

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There you have it, ten places where you can get awesome stock photos for your blog, your website, social media or whatever creative project you’ve got going on.  Now go forth and un-suck the hell out of your work!