Most new and small bloggers approach the idea of monetizing their blog very cautiously.  I get it; trying to determine when is the right time to make money from your blog can be a little scary.  In today’s post we’re going to look at why you should try to make money as a blogger, when is the right time to start and how you take these steps.

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New bloggers, should you monetize right away? Learn how to prep your new blog to make money
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Why should you monetize your small blog?

People choose to make money from their blogs for a variety of reasons:

  1. It can pay for the basics:  Even if you don’t make enough money to pay your rent, you could at least make enough for your blog basics.  I’m talking about paying for your hosting and domain costs. Knowing these are covered helps you blog a little easier.
  2. People know what to expect:  People don’t like having things sprung on them so having monetization methods from the start helps build that level of trust with your tribe.  Imagine if you start monetizing after five years of blogging. Your tribe might feel like they can’t trust the process anymore.
  3. You learn:  Placing ads, affiliate links, etc all add up to you learning new things.  By the end of the road, you’ll practically be running your own marketing agency!

Speaking of learning new things…have you downloaded this FREE Resource Guide?  It’s jam-packed with tools and resources to help you establish your blog or biz. I shared information on each tool so you will def learn how and why they work for you.  It’s super helpful and SUPER free.

Should you wait until your blog is huge to monetize it?

I believe you should make your blog money friendly from the start.  By that I mean you should do everything in your power to make sure your blog will thrive when you start implementing money-making practices.

Pssstt….If you don’t have a blog and you want to start one, start here:  The Quick Guide To Starting a Blog

Let me make it clear, if there is a method to monetize your blog and it fits your blog, go ahead and sign up.  If you are not ready for it, wait.  If it doesn’t fit your blog, avoid it.  Most bloggers will not be ready for every program or method of monetizing their blog so that is why I think you should use that time to prepare your blog for the day you are.

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How do you prep your site for monetization?

Go self-hosted

Having a self-hosted blog is the smartest way to go if you’re serious about monetizing.  Read this post where I explain why going self-hosted is a crucial step the serious blogger should make (plus I share how affordable it really is).

Research how you’ll make money

There are a ton of ways you can monetize your blog and not all are the right fit for your blog.  It’s all about finding what speaks to your audience and using the right tools. A few easy ways to start monetizing include:

Affiliate marketing – an easy way to start with affiliate marketing is by joining networks.  What makes affiliate networks cool is you can join various referral programs in one space.  This makes it easy for you to follow and track everything because it’s all right there.  Some networks include:

Share A Sale // CJ (formerly Commision Junction) // Amazon Associate

Selling products/services – a lot of bloggers create their own products like e-books or downloadables to sell.  If you are a boss at helping others and you have a lot of knowledge on a certain topic you might want to consider coaching or consulting

Oh, if you’re thinking about gaining clarity and direction for your blog be sure to check out The Coco Creativ blog coaching packages.

GoogleAds – GoogleAds is one of the most popular ad networks out there.  Basically, it’s you getting paid for placing ads on your site.  There’s more that goes into it but that’s the super simple explanation.

Collaborating with brands – If your stuff is on point you might get approached by companies to work with them.    They can pay to provide a review or to write a post, or put up ads on your site.

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Build a better blog

Along with going self-hosted, it pays to invest in the look and feel of your blog; having strong branding is key. You should also consider beefing up your blog theme.  A strong theme and clear branding not only brings people back but makes you appealing to companies who want to partner with bloggers.

Plan your content

Some bloggers start making money without any content.  If that is your goal, awesome but most likely you’ll be creating content for your blog.

Valuable content brings people back, it also builds trust with your tribe.  Some influencers get away with throwing anything to their followers but sooner or later people get tired of watered down content.  And just like having a good looking site, quality content brings people back and makes them want to support you.

Build your tribe

I’ve mentioned your tribe a few times already and that’s just another way of saying your followers.  You can sell your first product even if you only have 10 followers but are you going to stay at 10 followers forever?

Want to be a part of my tribe?  Sign up for my newsletter and grab this FREE Resource Guide as a thank you for joining!

Focus on strategies to get yourself in front of more eyes and to help your followers come to you.  Doing things like using RT accounts on Twitter help you connect with more accounts. Creating a newsletter is a great way to land directly in front of your audience.

I believe creating a foundation for your blog allows you to successfully earn from it in the future.

And it’s more than earning money-wise, it’s earning followers, earning trust, earning credibility as a blogger or business owner.  Making plans today helps you stand tall and firm a year from now.

Really, if you don’t have a blog and this post is making you think about starting one – do it.  It’s so easy to start blogging and it’s cheaper than you think.  Blogging is one of the best things I’ve ever done, no regrets.

Are you ready to create a money making blog?  Don’t be afraid.


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New bloggers, should you monetize right away? Learn how to prep your new blog to make money