If you’re a blogger, influencer, or any creative with a website or internet presence, you’re probably obsessed with SEO and ranking in Google.

Originally I had planned to release a post about the ways to up your SEO game but I decided to take a different approach with this blog post.  Keep reading to find out why.

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SEO mistakes - don't mess your SEO by doing this one mistake.  It's how bloggers and entrepreneurs end up with a bad SEO strategy.

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I’ve been working on a lot of blog and website transformations recently, and one of the services I offer in my packages includes basic SEO help.

While working with most of my clients (who are amazing and I’m not taking a dig at anyone) I’ve come to realize a lot of people are pretty unaware of SEO.  However, an even bigger problem emerged, and I realized it’s more severe than not even knowing what SEO is.

A lot of people think they’ll get immediate results from working on their SEO.

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SEO is a long term hustle

If you think you’ll rank number one in Google search results after making one change to your SEO strategy, you are wrong.  By assuming your site will instantly blow up, you are approaching SEO in a dangerous way.


How long does it take for SEO to work?

Well, the answer I feel most comfortable giving is it depends on several factors.

  • How long has your site existed?
  • Is your SEO strategy evenly distributed?
  • Are you writing about a niche topic or have a business in a niche market?
  • Where are you located?
  • Who is your competition?
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SEO can be influenced by so many factors; it’s better to view it as a marathon rather than a sprint.


Don’t compare your SEO game to other bloggers or biz owners

I think another part of this “you’re doing SEO wrong” situation is we are apt to compare ourselves to others, especially in the blogging or influencer community.

Every site has unique SEO factors which means it’s unfair to hold your blog, website or influencer status against another’s Google ranking.

I see bloggers boast about reaching number one in Google for a blog post relating to a very niche topic in a particular country.  It does not make sense for me to compare my blog to their results when we are not even in the same category!

In those instances, I congratulate them quietly, and I move on.


How Can You Do SEO The Right Way

There are a ton of SEO tips that are helpful for us creatives; don’t worry, I will share that in a dedicated SEO tips post soon.   Before we get to that post though, you have to change your approach to SEO.  

You shouldn’t expect results immediately.  Truthfully, you could get results in a month or two after making some specific SEO changes but it doesn’t always happen.

Again, when someone moves up in search result rank quickly, a reason could be because they’re in a particular niche coupled with having a few secure SEO practices under their belt before.

Understanding how SEO works, being realistic, putting in the work and remaining committed to your goals will ultimately get you further than the point you’re at now.

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Not everyone is going to get to the top of Google search and most of the time when they do get there it did not happen on the very next day.


Here are some quick tips to approaching SEO the smart way

  • Remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint
  • You will see more results from updating a few SEO practices rather than making one change
  • Comparing yourself to other people’s SEO strategy could be your downfall
  • Start with the basics; I install Yoast SEO on all my client’s blogs & sites (WordPress)
  • Keep going.  Once you start getting results, continue with your strategy.  SEO is never ending


Let me help you with your SEO

If you’re struggling with SEO, let’s jump on a coaching call where I can guide you through some good practices and help you understand just how SEO works.

It takes a certain zen like shift to not obsess over ranking number one in search.  One day it will happen, but until then I want you to celebrate creating a healthy website that functions correctly, helps your users and is on brand.

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