Using Twitter to jumpstart your journey?  There are a lot of strategies you can implement (don’t include follow/unfollow on that list) to help you get the most out of Twitter.

One of my favorite strategies is utilizing the help of retweet accounts.   This is one of those tips that newbie bloggers def don’t know about and when I started doing lifestyle blogging I was blessed to find this lifesaver.

use twitter retweet accounts

These are accounts on Twitter (and Instagram too) that exist to help promote other accounts.  They retweet your tweet to their followers and help expose you to a larger audience.

This can be crucial for a small account.  With the help of an RT account, you have the potential to land in front of up to thousands more eyes.

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the deets on twitter retweet accounts

  • Most of the people behind retweet accounts are doing it for the love of it all.  They’re not making tons of money of it, they’re doing it cause they want to.
  • If an account is not RTing you, move on.  Remember these people have thousands of notifications coming at them daily; they won’t get to everyone. Just. Move. On.
  • Do what they account requests.  If they want you to use a hashtag, use a hashtag and if they want you to @ them directly, do that.  The instructions are usually in their profile.
  • Switch it up.  I like to use a variety of accounts so I can get my tweets in front of different audiences.
  • Share the love back.  Doing posts like this is one way I can thank RT accounts but you can thank them by simply tweeting them a thank you.
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In addition to tagging twitter retweet accounts in your next tweet, don’t forget to follow them as well.  Following an account allows you to interact with new bloggers and find new posts to read.  That’s how we build the community! (Oh yeah, I’m on Twitter too, my little community is growing daily).

It might be tempting to ignore smaller accounts but sometimes the biggest RT love comes from an account with a smaller following.

The below list wasn’t created in a specific order so be sure to go through the accounts and discover what works for you.  Be sure to bookmark this page, new accounts are always popping up and I’ll be adding to this list!

  1. @sincerelyessie
  2. @BBlogRT
  3. @LovingBlogs
  4. @FemaleBloggerRT
  5. @BB_Bloggers
  6. @NewbiesWhoBlog #newbieswhoblog
  7. @theclique_uk or #theClqRT
  8. @Cbeechat
  9. @BrownGirlBlogs #browngirlbloggers or #creativeblackwomen
  10. @BloggersTribe  #bloggerstribe
  11. @TeacupClub_ #TeacupClub
  12. @BloggerOrdinary
  13. @BloggerLS or #BloggerLoveShare
  14. #thebloggercrowd
  15. @Tea&Post
  16. @bloggerHQ or #BloggerHQ
  17. @TheBloggerPost
  18. #blogginggals
  19. @USBloggerRT
  20. BloggingBabesRT
  21. #GRLPOWR
  22. #TheGirlGang
  23. @bloggersunited
  24. #beardedRT
  25. #InfluencerRT
  26. @BlogLove2018
  27. @RTingbloggers or #bloggershare
  28. @BloggersHut or #bloggershutRT
  29. @bliss_bloggers or #blissbloggers
  30. #LittleBlogRT
  31. #30PlusBlogs
  32. #BloggersSparkle
  33. #FierceBloggers
  34. @GlobalBlogShare
  35. @TheBlogger_Hub
  36. @BestBlogRT
  37. @bloggersplan
  38. @thebloggersknot
  39. @TheBloggerGals
  40. @allthoseblogs
  41. @bloggingbees
  42. @qualityblogRT or #qualityblogRT
  43. bloggingbeesrt

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