One of the most common questions I see online is will my blog be successful?  Honestly, no one knows if a blog or online business will be successful or not.  There are millions of blogs on the internet and we’re all fighting for a piece of the spotlight.  If you’re hoping to find success it pays to give yourself a bit of a head start.

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Time and time again I see people encouraging newbies to follow their passion when they’re starting a blog or biz.  I think that’s fine but I believe in another theory as well.

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So back to that theory; yes, doing something you’re passionate about is awesome but sometimes it makes sense to do the obvious.  I’m talking about:

Following the crowd and going where the action is

Go where the readers, audience, people are.  Look at the blogs that have the most traffic and grab the most interest; those bloggers are following the traffic.  

A huge part of blogging and biz is solving a problem, providing answers, and if there are niches where people are having big conversations it makes sense to plop yourself right in the middle of it.

If it’s popular doesn’t that mean it’s overdone?

Isn’t everything overdone?  We always say there’s nothing new under the sun but the key is going out there and putting your own spin on a niche.

Every week there’s a new break out makeup guru or a new blogger help buddy that’s making it big time.  If they can start so can you.

Starting a blog within a popular niche means you’re tapped into a community where people are itching for information.  You know without a doubt someone is looking for makeup tips, or travel info and you can pull in audiences from so many areas.

It’s also smart to choose one of these popular blog niches if you want to monetize your blog.  Why?  because these are the areas where people are spending.  You’re bound to make a little something each month.

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I’d rather write about something I know…

Truthfully, if you’re using one of these popular blog niches as your starting point there’s a huge chance you know something about them.

Still, if you want to blog about the history of Klingons you have every right to do that.  You might find that could be a successful blog too.  Just because your niche doesn’t fall into one of these very popular categories doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  

All I’m saying is these blog niches are prob waaaaaay easier to find success and make money from right now.

As I go through these niches I’ll share the likelihood of me starting a blog in each category.  I know something about a lot of these niches so it would be pretty easy for me to blog what I know while choosing a popular niche.  Okay, let’s get into it:

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1. Travel blogs

Travel is a topic that will always be popular; human beings love to explore, it’s what we do!  More people are traveling now than ever before. Part of it is due to technology and digitally accessing new places; we want to see it for ourselves.  Another reason is travel influencers are showing us how.

A big market in travel is solo travel (especially female solo travel) and black travel – travel information created specifically for black people.

Do I know it?  Yep – in fact I have a few travel focused domain names registered just in case. I know a lot about traveling esp traveling solo, how to find travel deals, how to plan trips, etc.  I wanted to create a blog centered around black travelers and solo travel for black women. I might still do that one day.


2. Finance Blogs

There’s a lot of directions you can take a finance blog which is why I consider it to be a popular and profitable niche.  You can talk about personal finance, financial basics, investing, side hustles, frugal living, etc.

Finance blogs are popular because people are constantly curious about money.  I am always looking for the perfect blog that teaches how to start investing in a way that I can understand.  Haven’t found it, tell me if you know one.

Do I know it?  Yes and no. When it comes to topics like basic budgeting info and saving tips I could write about it, but I don’t think I could base an entire blog around finance.




3. Beauty + Style

While these are two popular topics I will warn this is a competitive niche.  There are a lot of bloggers in this niche and this is a niche where I think it pays to be visual.

You can cover makeup, beauty products, hair, fashion hauls, luxury fashion, fast fashion, and more.

What’s great about beauty and style is since you have so much to work with, you can def cater to different audiences but the content can feel connected.  Also, this is one niche where you have multiple options to monetize your blog.

Do I know it?  Yep, but I wouldn’t want to blog about this specifically.  Talking about beauty and style only would become boring really quickly for me.  If anything I would have this as a category of a lifestyle blog.


4. Mommy/Parenting blogs

This is a niche that is wildly popular and has the opportunity to be incredibly successful.  This blog has the potential to make money like whoa because kids and families are a profitable market.

Babies, kids, moms, parents, families – they exist worldwide so it’s not like you have to exist in a particular city to start a blog under this niche.  Plus companies are more than ready to start working with bloggers in this category.

Do I know it?  Nope. Not a momma yet so I can’t write about this experience.


5. Health + Fitness

Come on…you know this is a popular topic.  Health + Fitness seems like a no-brainer to me because your target audience is always looking for a solution to a problem.  How do I lose weight without working out?  How can I eat healthy for cheap? How do I become a vegetarian in five minutes?

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If you looked at 10 people, they’ve probably googled a health or fitness related question that week.

This means there’s a good opportunity for you to build an audience and potentially make money off a Health + Fitness blog.  And there are so many places you can take this blog. You can start an actual fitness blog, a blog where you share your healthy recipes, a blog chronicling your lifestyle changes.  Endless opportunities

Do I know it?  A little bit. Because I’ve made lifestyle changes recently that falls into a very specific category under this niche, there is potential for me to start a blog in this area.


6. Lifestyle blog

There’s a joke that if you don’t know what to write about you should start a lifestyle blog.  The lifestyle niche is like that “catchall” – a little bit of this and that and presto, you have a blog.

Some bloggers throw everything in.  So you might have someone who blogs about travel, legal advice, hunting aliens, how to build computers, and pet health. That blog would confuse me.

Most successful lifestyle bloggers try to keep the content as connected as possible.  A lifestyle blog talking about parenting, traveling as a family, fashion (for

kids and mum) and reviews of products for kids and for women makes more sense.  The content keeps coming back to the core audience and topic (families, mums and prob women of a certain demographic).

Do I know it?  Yep, I have a lifestyle blog where I blog about life, relationships, growth, and self-love geared primarily towards women but everyone is welcome – check out Olliviette!


7. Blogs about blogging

At last, we arrive at the core of it all.  This is one of the most popular blog niches and hey, look at that, you’re on a blog that falls under that very niche!

Education blogs, in general, are popular because people are curious about learning new things.  Especially when it comes to blogging, SEO, digital marketing and social media, people are hungry to level up.

In this niche, you have opportunities to sell products and services in addition to other streams of income like affiliate marketing.

Do I know it?  Um….what are you on right now?  Lol


I’ve picked a niche, now what?

I’m happy you chose a blog that is potentially successful, profitable and possibly something you’ll enjoy writing about.  Be sure to start a blog if you don’t have one.  I’ve created a really easy guide to starting a blog, give it a read.

Can these blogs niches really make me a successful blogger?

Truthfully being successful is up to you.  Even if you get a head start, it’s not worth much if you don’t actually run.

Success is what we make it – so even after making zero profit when I began The Coco Creativ, I still kept at it.  To me, that zero profit was a success.  It’s all in how you look at it.  Good luck!

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