Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that seems very mysterious but if you’re willing to put in the time, it can be a game changer.  Today I am sharing three beginner-friendly Pinterest secrets that can help you get the most out of the platform. If you are curious about ways to boost your Pinterest game, this post helps you get started.

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The first time I discovered Pinterest I viewed it as something only moms and women planning a wedding used.  I was very wrong.

Pinterest is a valuable tool.  Right now, it’s king in the blogging realm but anyone can use Pinterest.  Who is anyone?

  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Side Hustlers
  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Creatives
  • Anyone

The tips I’m sharing today are very general and are visual based; I want anyone from the above list to read this post and connect with at least one of the points I’m making.

Before I jump into the three tips that will help your Pinterest efforts pop, it’s important to know a few things about this unique social media platform.


A few things to know about Pinterest

  1. Result times vary – some people say they get traffic from Pinterest right away.  In my experience I’ve always seen results a few weeks after pinning.  I think part of it has to do with how active your Pinterest is (followers, etc).  The key to Pinterest is being patient.  People give up before the traffic starts coming in.
  2. Tailwind is a secret, secret weapon – you might have heard a lot of bloggers talking about Tailwind as a tool they use to get the most out of Pinterest.  They are not exaggerating – this application allows you to schedule your pins (and Instagram posts) in advance so you can free up your time later.  There are some other amazing benefits of using Tailwind (like Tailwind Tribes) but just starting with using the basic scheduling function is helpful.  If you want to try Tailwind use my exclusive link to get your first 100 pins FREE on me!
  3. Your most successful pin might shock you – I learned this first hand with my lifestyle blog.  Two pins in particular were images I whipped up really quickly for a post that I didn’t even think was that good but they sent up to 500 views a day to my blog.
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Keeping all that in mind, let’s jump into these pinning secrets that will help your Pinterest goals pop!


Make Your Pins Pop:  Use Power Words

“Power Words” are words that evoke a strong emotional response and it’s what makes us take that next step in buying, committing, and clicking.

One of the biggest mistakes I see newbies make with Pinterest is not using the correct words.  When it comes to visuals we automatically refer to colors, images and graphics but the words you use for your pins are a part of that visual feel.  Your copy combined with the overall look will hook your viewer in, everytime.

Pins with the right power words get the user to click.  Pins without power words lack that emotional connection. Use this post to help you choose some emotionally triggering words for your next pin!


Make Your Pins Pop – Add a POP element

I try to have one element that makes my image stand out.  It can be a single color, an arrow, a graphic or squiggly line – anything that grabs the viewer’s attention.

  • Use a bold color for your background
  • Choose a picture that has one bright defining color (like a pop of yellow)
  • Use an arrow to point out something important
  • Toy with changing the size of your graphics

Whatever you can do that says hey, look this way is encouraged.  Be careful to not overload your design with too many POP elements.  It’s all about finding balance.

psssttt…is my pin for this post poppin?  My pin has a bright color, the word POP is center stage and I made sure to incorporate my last tip…

Make Your Pins Pop: Brand Your Pins

Recently there has been a rise in pins being stolen – by that I mean people will use your Pinterest image and point it to their blog post or web page.

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One of the ways to prevent that from happening to your pins is by branding your images.  You can do this by putting your website address or the name of your brand or business on your pin.

Not only does this help ward off potential thieves but it also helps people identify your pins easily, and it gives a cohesive look to your images.

How easy are these three visual Pinterest secrets?  You can start implementing these into your Pinterest strategy and see a major shift in results.  If you skipped to the end here’s a quick recap of what I shared:

  1. Wait a few weeks to see Pinterest results – giving up on Pinterest too early is one of the biggest causes of failure.
  2. Use “Power Words” in your copy – these words trigger an emotional response and they’ll help your users connect and click your pins!
  3. Tailwind is your friend – everyone is talking about Tailwind but it’s not a scam.  This powerful scheduling program helps you pin in the background allowing you to work on other things.  Get your first 100 pins free on me!
  4. Add a bit of POP – add elements that help your images stand out from the Pinterest crowd.  An unexpected color, an arrow or other graphics all say look at me!
  5. Brand your pins – put your brand name on your pins.  This helps people identify you and even if they don’t click on that particular pin, they might remember your name and check you out anyway.

Happy Pinning and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, I can’t wait to connect with you future Pinning Pal!

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