If you’ve recently started blogging, you might have come across the term DA score in the blogging community.   If you have no idea what a DA score is, you’re not alone!  That’s why I decided to break down a few facts about DA or Domain Authority scores, what a DA score is, why it’s important and how to build it up.


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DA stands for Domain Authority and every website has a score.  This is a scale assigned by Moz and it runs from 0 -100.  0 is the lowest and 100 is the highest; the higher your score, the more “authority” your site has.

Go on, check your score – click here and see how you rank.  Don’t worry if you have a low score, today’s tips will help you improve it.


What determines your Domain Authority score?

MOZ takes a number of factors into consideration like the age of your site and how many links direct to it. It makes sense right? A brand spanking new blog is not going to have a high Domain Authority score, no matter how good the content.

Does my DA score really matter?

A lot of bloggers will blog for months before they figure out their DA score and they’ll still have a thriving blog with many opportunities coming their way.

However, many companies and brands will have a desired Domain Authority score in mind when they are looking for bloggers to work with so it can be seen as important to build (and know what it is).  Some of the better opportunities go to bloggers with a DA of 30+.

If your score is a three right now, don’t fret.  There’s still hope.  At the time of posting this, my score was 5, and I feel great!



How can you build your DA score?

Building your score doesn’t have to be complicated.  Let’s look at seven ways you can start growing your Domain Authority score today.

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Go self-hosted

If you want your blog to have a DA score that’s banging and bumping, it should be self-hosted.   You will not get the rank if you are blogging on a free platform like Blogger or WordPress.com.

In case you missed it:  I shared a post on self-hosting and why is it important.  In this post, I gave the reasons why bloggers should have a self-hosted blog.  I also broke down the cost of going self-hosted, and it’s more affordable than you think.   Give it a read.

If you’re ready to go self-hosted right now and know all the pros of taking that step, Bluehost offers free domain registration when you purchase hosting.

Boost your SEO

SEO used to be a big buzzword a few years ago, I think my dog even put SEO in one of our convos, but it’s more than a trendy word – it’s a crucial part of running a website.

Easy SEO tip: Download the Yoast SEO plugin if you’re running a WordPress.org self-hosted blog to make understanding Search Engine Optimization easier.

With the help of the Yoast SEO plugin, you’ll start doing small things that can help your blog.  Some of the most common practices that people miss are:

  • Filling in their meta descriptions
  • Adding alt text to your images
  • Having strong keywords (and using them throughout your post)

Internal links

An internal link is a link that directs to content on your site.  When you read a Coco Creativ post, I try to have at least two internal links per post.  This is partly done to help my DA score but it’s mostly done so I can help you connect with relevant information.


While internal links are links within a website, backlinks are external links that point to your website.  An easy peasy way to get links that point to your site is to do a guest post.  Usually, when you do a guest post on a different blog, your links are added to that post and voila – you have a backlink.

For this to really work, you will want to guest post on a website that has a higher ranking than yours.

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Post quality content consistently

People enjoy quality, and that is no exception in the blogging world.  Quality content brings your readers back while posting consistently gives your readers stability.  Quality and consistency equal a better blogging experience, especially for your readers.

Take it a step further and:

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Be patient

There’s a reason why I left this tip for last; your DA score will grow, but it’s not going to jump from a 3 to 20 in one day.  Patience is key.

When you put in the work, and you stay committed you will see growth.  If you start strong and push hard, you will see growth.  

The next time you’re on Twitter, and you see a call for bloggers with a certain DA score, I hope you’ll be able to share your links.  Better yet, I know you’ll be able to share your links because you’ll have that DA score they’re looking for.  Now go out there and grow that score!

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