Jingle bells and yummy turkey smells, the holiday season is slowly approaching (or quickly, depending on how you look at it). If you have an entrepreneur or blogger in your life, gifting them with something purposeful might be the best gift EVER!  In this post I’m sharing some cool Christmas gift ideas for boss bloggers and entrepreneurs that will help them grow in 2019.

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Christmas gift ideas for bloggers, entrepreneurs and creatives. These are the practical gifts bloggers actually want.

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If you’re the blogger, solopreneur, creative or freelancer (phew, that’s a lot to list!) looking for gift ideas for yourself, I hope you find this post helpful.  There are some awesome tools in this post that you might not have even considered getting until reading.

I just want you to grow guys!

Lastly (yep, I’m getting to the guide in a second) I want to remind you that this gift guide include saffiliate links.  When you buy something through my links it won’t cost you anything extra and some of these links might contain a discount or two (yay!) plus your clicks allows me to grow the blog.  So thanks and let’s get to the ideas!


1. Home office equipment

I recently created a home office so I know how important that space is.  Before I bought my desk and chair, I was struggling to get work done. Now, I’m much more productive but I’m in dire need of sprucing up my little space so a few of these suggestions are things I’m looking at.

Since my space is really small I went with the MICKE desk from Ikea and I can’t get enough of it.  There’s enough desk that I don’t feel cramped but if you have more room, go up a size.   Don’t forget to get a chair, I like this simple one from Amazon.

Jazz up the office with a desk lamp for late nights, office supplies to keep things organized, a whiteboard and bring some joy into the room with an artificial plant  or a calming scented candle – see, told you I’m sharing my dream home office with ya!


2. Powerful tools

Ask any creative what they want and a Creative Cloud subscription is prob at the top of their list. Trust me, it’s at the top of mine!  With this they’ll get access to Adobe programs like Illustrator and Photoshop.

Other big creative buys include a new computer, my MacBook Air has never let me down and handles both blogging and creative jobs but if I were to go with a PC it would be a Microsoft Surface Pro.  

For artists, a Wacom tablet comes in handy; I use mine all the time (grab it from Argos if in the UK or from Amazon for international shoppers).  External hard drives come in handy for all creatives, bloggers and entrepreneurs – this is the one I use.


3. Notebooks + Planners

I am a big fan of writing; I have notebooks for each of my blogs plus a million others for every subject under the sun.  Science says if you want to remember something you should write it down.  Notebooks and planners are big tools for creatives, bloggers and entrepreneurs and the best part is, they’re super affordable.

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For the notebook snob give a classic like a Moleskine (the designer in me is swooning), for freelancers these monthly planners in various sizes help them plan in advance.

Why not support an artist this holiday season?  Redbubble is an online marketplace where artists sell various types of products, including notebooks.  And I’ve got a discount for ya – get 15% off when you purchase 2 notebooks!

4. Say cheeeeese!

A camera is one of those gifts that will get plenty of use and will always come in handy.  A good place to start is a point and shoot camera.  These entry-level cameras are a good choice for a newbie blogger.  Don’t dismiss them, they’re powerful and easy to carry which makes them nifty accessories at blogging events.

For mid-level bloggers and vloggers look at the Nikon D3400 – this entry-level DSLR packs a punch at an extremely affordable price.  Your vlogger and blogger friend might have heard about the Canon Powershot G7 X – this camera is used by many top YouTubers.

If your gift receiver is a pro, the Canon EOS 70D and 80D are popular cameras in the vlogging community and they take top quality pics.  The 70D has a cult following, people love this camera and it offers a lot of options.  The 80D is slightly better but you can’t go wrong with either.


5. Liquid encouragement

Most entrepreneurs start their day with a strong cup of coffee but if your pal is trying to kick the habit and increase their water intake, motivate them with a unique water bottle.  This doubles as a gift for anyone getting their health on track in 2019.

I adore this Memo bottle (it’s been on my wishlist for a bit).  Bring the positive vibes into your work day and business with a crystal gem water bottle.

If coffee is a must these mugs are a great gift for the Boss Lady in your life.  You can get 15% off when you purchase any 2 mugs via Redbubble.  Don’t forget the coffee!

6. Web hosting + domain name registration

Have a friend who’s starting a blog or online business, maybe they’re creating a portfolio to show their creative skills – consider purchasing their web hosting.   Trust me, your pal will prob faint when they see this level of support!

Be sure to read why self-hosting is crucial to your online experience

Who should you choose?  Bluehost is a leader in the hosting game and you get a free domain name for a year when you sign up for a new account. Siteground is great too – their customer service is legendary. I’ve used both in the past and recommend them frequently.

7. A blog or website theme

Since we’re on the topic of blogs and websites, why not go the distance and gift a theme?  A theme can transform a website from drab to fab so it’s another gift that will make a difference.

For new bloggers and entrepreneurs who are watching their start up costs, a theme might be a huge investment but it’s one that is worth it.

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Envato themes have great pro themes for solopreneurs and creatives plus some cool blogger specific themes as well.

Creative Market has some beautiful themes for bloggers as well (seriously, check them out – so many awesome themes there).

8. Learn more, earn more

I’m a big fan of getting your education on; when we stop learning that’s when we stop growing.  If you’re looking for a gift idea that will truly make a difference and bring growth in the new year, this a solid option.

Creative Live has courses covering a variety of topics but I recommend their photography classes (to go with that new camera), and browse through their Money & Life section which offers a range of classes to help develop a business.  The best bit, you can purchase any course as a gift easily.

For the blogger that wants clarity on their journey, give the gift of one-on-one coaching.  I offer coaching services for bracnd new and smaller bloggers.  These affordable sessions make a great gift and are bound to be helpful for anyone struggling with their new blog.  Take a look!


9. Podcast power

Do you know someone with a podcast or who wants to start one in the new year?  Podcasts are the future and they’re quickly making their mark as a way to share ideas with a community.

For a podcast, a microphone is essential and there’s none better than a Blue Yeti Microphone.   Something that’s more affordable but packs a punch is the CAD U37.  You can’t go wrong with either option.

10. Self-Improvement books

Books are an important part of my growth and development.  For me, reading is something that builds me up and I am looking forward to reading my way to a better Coco Creativ in 2019.

A few of good reads include:

Bonus buys

Freshbooks is the tool for entrepreneurs.  Send invoices, accept payments (and get paid faster), keep records and track time.  It’s an easy to use system that helps a business grow.

Wonder how bigger bloggers have time to rock Pinterest?  Tailwind – use this program to automate pins and get major traffic.  This is a top gift for bloggers!

Elevate your writing skills with Grammarly.  I am in love with this tool because it takes my writing to new heights.

There you have it, a roundup of gifts and almost all of these are practical meaning they’ll get good use next year.  If you’re looking and see something that could benefit you in the new year, treat yourself! These ideas will def help your blog or business grow – happy shopping!

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