Hello blogger, today we’re going to talk about something that confuses a lot of people.  We’re going to talk about going self-hosted.  That’s right, we’re going to learn why a self-hosted website is considered key and some of the pros of going self-hosting as a blogger.

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Coco Creativ - Why you need a self-hosted blog

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Freebie sites vs. Self-Hosted sites

When you decide to start a blog (or a website in general) one of the things you will have to determine is which platform you want to use.  There are a lot of options available out there but for now, I’ll break it down into two categories: free and self-hosted.

Quick point:  even though I mentioned you will probably decide this at the start of your journey, some people end up going self-hosted further on simply because they didn’t know their options or due to the cost.  If that’s you right here, right now, that’s okay. Hopefully, after reading this post you’ll be well informed and be able to decide if going self-hosted is the right step for you.

Self-hosted websites

When you operate a self-hosted website or blog, you pay a host provider like Siteground (or other companies) to your host (or place) your website online.

It also means you’ve paid for your domain name (in my case my domain name is www.thecococreativ.com) and when those powers combine you have the foundation for a self-hosted website.

Since you paid for your domain name and you paid for your site to be hosted on the internet, you own your ish.  Look at the self-hosted crew owning virtual real estate!

Free websites (or non self-hosted sites)

When you start your blog on a free platform, you have haven’t paid for hosting or a domain name.  You simply sign up and start building a blog or website.

It is still “hosted” but you haven’t paid it.  You can guess what that means; there are limitations to what you can do.  Free sites like WordPress.com, Blogger and Wix might seem like an easy way into the blogging world but they don’t give you the flexibility and control you need if you wanna be on that pro level.

Let me be real with you; I don’t recommend going the freebie route.  Not for a blog and DEF not for a website.

Ready to become a pro blogger?  Read this post on how to start a self-hosted blog!

Why is going self-hosted so important?

You have control

Free sites have improved how much you can customize them visually but aside from that, you are often very restricted with how you can customize the performance.

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Let’s use Coco Creativ as an example –  you can easily book my coaching services directly on the website.  With the free version of WordPress, you would not have the option to install a plugin to provide booking services to your clients.

Not only do you have more choices concerning what you can offer your visitors, but you are able to get in-depth analytics.  If you want to level up, having this insight is crucial.  Freebie sites like WordPress.com or Blogger do not give you access to tools like Google Analytics.  They might offer stats for your site but it’s super basic compared to what you could be using.

Last control issue – you own your stuff!  You can move your website around to as many hosts and providers as you want.  At the end of the day, it’s yours.  Free services can disappear whenever they want and when they do, your content disappears as well.

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You can make money

I believe anyone who wants to take blogging seriously should try to make money from it.   Even if you only want to cover the costs of your domain and hosting renewal fees, make that money honey.

Many of the opportunities and platforms that exist for bloggers to make money, like affiliate marketing, working with brands, placing ads on your page, are more available or only available if you have a self-hosted blog.

It’s professional

Imagine if you visited this website and instead of seeing www.thecococreativ.com you saw www.thecococreativ.com/whateverfreesite – and imagine I was trying to explain the importance of going self-hosted.

You would laugh.

Operating a self-hosted site allows you the chance to put your best foot forward, especially if you’re running a business or providing a service.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, you sometimes lose out on opportunities to work with companies.  You can attract opportunities on a free platform, don’t get me wrong, but unless you’re really wowing with your content and you’re ticking all the other boxes, a company will gloss over you.

Guys..you’re literally avoiding coinage.

Are you ready to go self-hosted?  Learn how to start a self-hosted WordPress blog in this guide.  I’ve added a few extra tips in there too!

Should you buy a Premium plan with a free platform?

I think you should avoid any premium plan offered through a free platform like the plague.  When you think about it, they’re actually genius ideas – they’re genius for the companies offering them and not for you.

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The only thing these plans do is allow you to take that extra bit off your domain name and they might allow you some additional flexibility with customizing your site.  That’s it.

You still don’t own your site completely.  You still aren’t on the virtual property ladder.

Plus, these ”premium” upgrades are often more expensive than the initial cost of going self-hosted!


Run the math sis, what’s the real cost of going self-hosted?


Going self-hosted with Bluehost

  • Hosting starts at $3.95 a month (about £3.04 a month)
  • You get a free domain name
  • Free SSL
  • Easy WordPress installation

Web Hosting
Going self-hosted with Siteground

  • Hosting starts at £2.95 a month
  • Free SSL
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Their customer service is amazing

(you don’t get a free domain with Siteground but you can always register one affordably with providers like Namecheap or 1and1 and point it to them).

PURCHASE TIP – before you purchase hosting and domain names, remember the prices you see are intro prices. If possible, initially sign up for multiple years from the start so you can ride that low price as long as possible.

Yay – let’s go self-hosted….

I think I’ve given some solid reasons as to why you should consider starting with a self-hosted website or blog.  However, if you’re blogging for fun and not hoping to grow your blog into something bigger it might be worth it to stay on a free platform.

Investing money in something that acts as a journal or a place to record your hobby doesn’t make sense.  In the future, if you decide you want to grow your blog and take it further you can always switch to self-hosting.

Lastly, even though we did the math, if you can’t afford to go self-hosted wait until you can.  Do not put yourself in debt trying to catch a good intro price.

But if you’re running a business….my man…startup funds. Where they at?

Good luck with going self-hosted!

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