A new year means a new start, an opportunity to grow, attack projects with massive energy and vigor.  Today I want to share some new year resolution ideas with you that can really make your 2019 one of your best years ever.   If you’ve ever looked around and wondered why other people are thriving and you’re standing still hopefully one of the ideas on this list can help you move forward with your life.

Best of all, I’m releasing this list ahead of the new year to help you get started as early as possible.  It’s not about doing everything on the list, nah you’ll burn out before January and land back at square unmotivated.  Rather, choose the ideas that call to you or that would improve your life.

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Have you ever said I don’t have enough time to do _________, or I’m busy but I don’t feel like I’m achieving anything.  If you’ve ever uttered those words you’re probably dealing with a time management or productivity issue.

Lack of organization means you’re always playing catch up and there’s a risk of becoming overwhelemed in situations.

How to change it:

  • Create actual plans – it desn’t have to be anything over the top.  If a goal of yours is to take a vacation start with the basics of when do you want travel, where do you want to go and who do you want to go with.  That’s a plan!
  • Write it down – science says if you want to remember something, write it down.  I say, if you want to accomplish something write it down.
  • Give yourself deadlines – hold yourself accountable with a due date.
  • Invest in a system –  I swear by using systems to help me complete my ish.  Try these – bullet journaling, Trello, Getting Things Done


Master money

So many of us are uneducated about money and end up making poor choices that limit our opportunities to grow.   I want you to approach money confidently in 2019.  Next year I’m calling you Scrooge McDuck.

How to master your coins:

  • Start a budget – the easist place to start is with creating a budget.  This helps you track how money is coming in and out of your life.  Do not budget in your mind.  Write it down or record it on an app/program.
  • Start saving – even if you only save £/$20 a month that is money in the bank and it’s more than zero.  Automatically transfer your savings into a different account on pay day and do not touch it.  It’s not a complicated method and it’s one of the simpliest ways to start.
  • Cut back or cut out – review your budget and determine what costs can you cut down by eliminating them altogether or reducing them.  Also cutting out bad habits like abusing your credit cards, overdrafting your account or always borrowing money should be top priority.
  • Learn about money – basic changes are a start.  What keeps us financially poor is the fact that we don’t know anything about money and how it works.  Educate yourself about things like investing and ways to grow your money; everyone deserves to learn how to grow their coins.


Start a blog or business

More and more people are embracing the idea of starting a profitable blog or owning a business.  If the idea of getting online has been on your mind for a while I would encourage you to start today.

How to start a blog or business:

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Our world moves faster than ever; it is more important than ever to be on top of your game.  If you refuse to stay in the know you opt to stay behind. I am of the firm belief that we learn more to earn more.

How to get your edumacation on:

  • Take advantage of a deal – use this link to gain access to two FREEEEE months of premium acces to various online courses no credit card needed.  Use it to learn money and entrepreneurial skills or other creative skills.  Jump on this deal.
  • Get individual help – gain clarity and direction for your blog with a one-on-one coaching session with me.  This is the perfect way to transform your blog or small business into something bigger and better.
  • Go back to school – it’s never too late to learn something new.  Get a (new) degree, change careers or take a bigger step in your career.  You can get a certificate if enrolling full time is not for you.
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Live your best life

All work and no play is not the way to live.  As much as you want to transform you life in 2019, it’s just as important to actually enjoy what’s coming your way in the new year.

Let’s live life to the fullest:

  • Do something fun – treat yourself to a night out, an evening at the cinema, drinks wiht your friends, soemthing!  I love using Groupon to stay on budget when I want to take a break.
  • Meet new people – life is always more fun when you have someone to enjoy it with.  Next year focus on trying new things with the people in your life or expanding your circle.
  • Be healthy and happy – Everyone is going to be talking about losing weight in January, but go beyond losing a few pounds; adopt a lifestyle.  Increase your water intake, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, focus on your mental health and inject more positivity into your life.  Visit the doctor for a check up to address any health issues from the beginning of the year.


Invest in yourself

I am a firm believer in doing as much as you can for free, especially when you’re starting a blog or biz and your ass is broke.  However, there comes a time when you have to put a little money into your future.

Here’s where you should invest your money in 2019:

  • Def put money into going self-hosted – it’s cheaper than you think and it’s crucial to becoming a biggger blogger.  You can start a blog from as low as 2.95 with Siteground or 3.95 with Bluehost (Bluehost’s come with a free domain name).  If you opt to purchase hosting without a domain name included, Namecheap and 1and1 offer affordable domain names.
  • Invest in a good blog/website theme – the theme is what makes a website look like a website.  All themes are not created equal which is why I wrote this post sharing what you should look for before you purchase your next theme.
  • Easy to use accounting system – if your small biz is making money it’s time to level up from doing the books in your head. Freshbooks is the perfect system to help you stay organized, manage your accounts, send invoices and even track time in 2019.
  • Blow up Pinterest – if there’s one thing I’m happy I invested in, it’s Tailwind.  Pinterest is becoming one of my biggest drivers of traffic and it’s helping my blogs grow day by day.  If you’ve already tried it for free I think it’s time to make a commitment.


Be consistent

I don’t know why bloggers and entrepreneurs are afraid of consistency but if you want 2019 to rock you will have to get your focus on.  Consistency manifests itself in various ways.

How to show up in 2019:

Posting consistently – I get it, you don’t want to force yourself to write but posting material regularly is one of the easiset ways to grow.  Think of your fav blogger, influencer or YouTuber; you keep going back because their content is there (and hopefully it’s good).

  • Batch write your posts – when you’re in the mood, write it out.
  • Plan your posts in advance – I prefer planning content up to a month in advance.  This helps me know exactly what I need to write and research for.
  • Create a series – create a series that you post regularly, the same time every month.  On my lifestyle blog I share a Real Talk post on the last Thursday of each month.  No matter what, I know I’m planning content for the last Thursday of each month.
  • Repurpose old posts – when you don’t have anything new on the blog, share what you already have.

Learn to automate your social – posting on the fly means you’re constantly stopping to get info out and interrupting your day.  This is a big no-no but it’s also a waste of time; what if you’re working in a full-time job? You wouldn’t be able to share things to your Twitter or Instagram during work.

  • Plan your social media in advance – I suggest three posts a day every day or every other day.
  • Use a scheduling tool –  For Twitter try Hootsuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck.  Instagram lovers will enjoy UNUM or Planoly.  For Pinterest it has to be Tailwind (use that link to get your first 100 pins free).

Show up – being consistent is about being present.  Again, bigger bloggers, etc are always visible, they are always pushing something to the front of your eyes.

  • Don’t announce things prematurely – work behind the scenes and share news about your projects when they are ready to go.
  • You should always be creating – never stay still, being consistent is also about consistently creating new ideas.  When you stop creating others will past you by.
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Be consistent in your job – don’t think consistency only applies to bloggers and entrepreneurs.

  • Stay on top of your to-do list – devise a system to ensure you stay on top of your tasks at work.
  • Follow through – if you say something is going to get done, do it.
  • Double check your work – always revise your work, nothing is more embarrassing than submitting something that is shoddy.


Work smarter

I talked about automating your process earlier but it’s a concept you can take beyond planning your social media.  Embrace whatever you can to make work easier in 2019.

How you can work smarter in the new year:

  • Hire an assistant – if your budget allows and you have an intense workload consider hiring an assistant or virtual assistant to ease your burden.  They can help with editing posts, creating visuals, scheduling social media and anything you want to take off your to-do list.
  • Batch work – this involves doing a set of tasks at the same time.  It’s the same concept as when YouTubers record multiple videos in one day.  In the space of a week your fav YouTuber could easily record and edit up to two months worth of content.  Batch working is a game changer.
  • Stay organized – when I start slacking on my organization that’s when I end up doing double the work or missing key tasks.  I end up working harder.  This is why organization is so key in my opinion and you should def have it on your list for 2019.


Stay current

Not only should you focus on getting your education on next year but you should also focus on staying on top of new technology and trends.  Everything changes and updates so quickly, if you lag behind you’re as good as Windows 95.

How to stay with the times:

  • Sign up for newsletters – Companies use their newsletters as a form of keeping their followers updated about what’s new and current.  (Speaking of newsletters, you should sign up for mine – I land in your inbox every Sunday with new thoughts ready for you to enjoy).
  • Follow companies on social media – if you’re a big fan of social media then it makes sense to follow your fav company or brand online.
  • Read articles – I make it a point to read a few articles  every week, it’s one of the ways I stay in the know.
  • Follow the trends – Trends give you an insight into what’s happening, what’s coming and what you should be doing.  Bonus points, follow trendsetters! Look beyond your typical influencer with fake Instagram followers and invest in that person is creatively sharing ideas and who is always a step ahead of the crowd.  Let them be your guide.


Grow your circle

In the blogging and solopreneur world you will constantly see/hear the phrase “build your tribe” which refers to building your following.  But what about building your group of bloggers who lift you up?

Yes, focus on building your follower count in 2019 but also focus on building people who will ride with you on this journey.

Ways to grow your circle:

  • Genuinely support and connect with other bloggers and entrepreneurs – social media is one of the easiest ways to do this.  It takes nothing to pop someone a message and let them know their latest blog post was amazing.
  • Take it offline – why not set up a small blogger/entrepreneur meetup?  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just meet for drinks at a local bar or for a coffee.  Moan about Instagram’s crappy algorithm, share blog goals, take tons of pics!
  • Promote people – I am never afraid to promote others.  My mother is a successful businesswoman and I’ve watched her promote other businesses throughout her career.  Even her competition. That good energy will come back to you times ten.

Bam!  A full list of amazing ideas you can take on in the new year.  Like I stated at the start, why wait till January?  Every day is the start of a new year so get going today and beat the crowd.  If you start one or two of these now, you could see a change by 2019 for sure.

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Which one of these kick ass new year’s resolutions will you be trying in 2019?  Share below!